Jamie has been practicing Yoga and pursuing different spiritual paths since she was a teenager. Yoga really helped her deal with the trials all teenagers face, and that let her appreciate her body rather than fight against the many changes occurring during that most tumultuous of times. Even as she moved from place to place and state to state, yoga kept her grounded and centered. In 2018, she decided that she wanted to go from student to teacher and earned her 200 CYT. In 2019 she decided to continue her education by pursuing a Yoga Therapy Certification. 

Jamie has also been incredibly connected to the Earth her whole life, always wandering in the forest and climbing every tree as a child. She felt that deep energetic connection that let her communicate with the world around her, which would sometimes be overwhelming as a budding empath.  Any time not spent outside was spent in the pages of books, or collecting various rocks, stones, and crystals that she felt connected to. As she began to travel the world, her interest in the metaphysical realm grew. Two moments truly defined her connection to the divine: standing atop the Tor in Glastonbury as a storm blew in followed by drinking from the Chalice Well; and hiking to the top of Temple IV in Tikal to watch a sunrise just as peoples had done thousands of years before her. In both of those cases, she felt a palpable shift in her connection to the energy around her and to the Divine. She now uses her deep connection to guide her students through truly restorative yoga sessions for the mind, body and the spirit.


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